Some Info


These are some buttons that you can click on that will take you to my various social media accounts.

Click on them if you want to learn some more information about me.

I have begun to use these websites less frequently now that I have my own website, which is now where I spend the bulk of my time on the Internet.

I think it's strange that you think you can just stalk me online like that without specifically asking for my permission.

Just kidding.

Here is a brief introduction.




The entire website is run and written by Brandon Andrew Grisham.

My initials are BAG.

Thus the website title is Bagrisham.

This is a recent photograph of me for your visual enjoyment.

 I'm a 20 year old American citizen.

I was born in Gulfport, Mississippi.


Some Accomplishments





I built my desktop PC in December of 2012.  

I did this before the end of the world apparently,

but the Mayans and John Cusack may have been incorrect. 

I still use it to this day.

I upgrade modularly when I need to.




 Played a variety of sports in my youth.

I spent some years playing Football, Soccer (2 Years), Basketball, and Baseball.

Never good enough to go pro, but it kept me athletic and in good physical shape as a kid.

My favorite sport to play is Basketball.

 I still try to keep in good physical shape.






I've been working on my YouTube Channel since 2009.

 I have a few thousand subscribers and over 1.5 Million Views total.

Quite an accomplishment.

I can improve.



I've watched well over 500 different films.

I know, I kept a record.



Can hum and whistle at the same time.

Very proud about that.



I can sing in English.

Whether or not you enjoy it is up to you, but I like my voice.

"Piano Man" by Billy Joel is always a fun one.

I also can recite Alphabet Aerobics , from Blackalicious's A2G EP from memory.



Renaissance Fair

I went to a Renaissance Fair in Mobile, AL. 



I created an Etsy store in May of 2016.

I sold lighter skins and had over 420 sales in my first eight months.

I shut down the store after the new year due to no longer having the time needed to operate it.


These may not sound like the the greatest accomplishments compared to some interesting and fairly intelligent people like:

Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking but I have my own personal website.

I believe that sets myself apart from some of my peers.

Thanks for reading!