Being Broke

Being Broke

I’m honestly not a fan of where I’m at financially right now. I turn 20 years old in a week, and along with 20k in student loans, I’m also no longer enrolled in college, which essentially leaves me permanently locked in a work environment that will always keep me under $15/hour. I’ve made peace with my decision, but I’m terrified that I’ll end up as a 25 year-old loser with nothing to show for my life. I understand that a large portion of my twenties will be dramatic and rather worrisome, but I fear that I’m facing a serious issue currently and I have no earthly idea how to get myself out of this year long slump. After searching for an endless stream of advice and criticism, my main goal has led to that of constant self improvement.

Daily exercise seems to be the best bet for me currently. I attempt to maintain proper hygiene and I’m trying to save every spare cent that I make at my current job. While I’m constantly cut for hours and can barely afford to make rent, I still try to keep myself positive and in a good mood. I’m searching for a second job and as of right now, I’m focusing on how to improve my situation and actually make something of my life. The best that I can manage in terms of an idea is two options:

  1. Join the Military


  2. Move to a new state after my lease is finished.

The decision to join the military seems like a proper one in an attempt to get my life back on track. I’ll finish off my four years with a GI Bill that will help me get through the rest of college, along with a significantly large windfall of saved salary (50k) to help fund myself through the following years of school and job hunting. This plan seems to be okay, yet there is one major drawback. I fear that my recent automobile accident will prevent me from enlisting, and if I’m denied, there isn’t much in terms of options.

This leads me into my second option. After the age of 18, I left my father’s home in the pursuit of an education. One year in, and I was doing quite well. I worked through the summer after subleasing an apartment and I haven’t thought of returning home since. Following the decision to withdraw from university in September of 2016, I fell into a bit of financial trouble. I was out of work for the rest of the year and I have roughly a thousand dollars of credit card debt now. Six months of living alone equals food money (and I’ve lived rather frugally if I say so myself) and the only option is to pay that off as quickly as possible. On top of that issue, the deadline for my student loans is coming up in March and I’ll need to pay $200 a month to keep them at bay. That’s a major issue when I can barely afford to make $415 in rent with my only job. I’m working as hard as I can to get another job to help alleviate my troubles, but after three weeks of job hunting my saving are completely gone.

I’ve never had an issue handling and saving money. I graduated early from high school and I spent the seven months off working at a hotel. I saved up $4k and I ended up using that to fund my first year of school (books, food, and the occasional night out). I only wish that I was even more frugal with my savings, as that money would seriously come in handy right now. I know the financial tactic of saving up at least three months salary, and I originally had done that before I decided to “save money” by leaving school for a year. Now that plan seriously bit me in the ass and I’m having trouble coping with my decision.

It sounds foolish to move to a new state with absolutely nothing in savings, but my argument is that it may be the change that I need to get me out of this mess. I can move to a state that offers more than minimum wage and pursue a full-time job there. I’ve been living in the South since I was born, and I’m desperate to leave this terrible collection of states. The mid-west seems like the perfect option in terms of affordability and job opportunities. I figure that after my lease ends in the summer, I could move in with my mother for a year while I save up enough to cover the expenses for a year (roughly 12k in savings, allowing me to afford a year of rent, food, and loan dues)

My options are rather limited, and while I have some work to do in regards to my plan in life, I figure constant improvement is the best idea. Working on both myself and my writing takes effort. In order to improve myself, I need to practice and exercise with a daily routine. I can only become a better writer by constantly writing and improving my vocabulary. I can only intrigue others once I’ve mastered my craft, which will be a lifetime pursuit.

I’m up for it.

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