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Chapter 4.

How are you?


Typically I can understand that the future is unclear. We all attempt to move forward with our own lives, moving forward ever so slowly into who we truly become. Most tend to face the bitter irony that their own personality has always been there. The usual village idiot doesn’t constantly question their own intelligence, so why do you?

I find that when I question how intelligent I am, I only end up disappointing myself with the fact that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. When I do get upset about this fact, I find comfort in knowing that I certainly am the smartest person from my original family tree. I grew up with the Internet. Having constant access to the answers of any questions that I could ever perceive is bound to affect my intelligence over the course of my lifetime. Previous generations in my family history were lucky to be able to read and write, let alone being able to type and drive.

Funny how we constantly get wrapped up in our own subconscious that we forget that we are the greatest generation of humans who have ever existed. Just by looking at the statistics of humanity, we are far and above the most literate, kind, and intelligent bunch that have come so far. Think of how poor the quality of life was during events like the Crusades or the Holocaust and realize that what is currently occurring is not so bad.

You are simply one person in a large group of selfish and ignorant humans that care only for themselves. To live is to be human. The hilarity of the situation is that some fear their own selfish desires. I can only speak for myself when I describe humanity, simply because I have only experienced life through my existence as a straight white male who was born in the South of the United States.

My existence certainly would have been altered if I was born as a female. The life and challenges that I would face being a woman are completely alien to me, yet I find it hard to cope with the fact that I could have easily been born as a completely different person. I suppose that fact alone makes me completely bewildered with the argument that men are superior.

We had no input in our creation. We are simply the product of a natural process that has occurred from the beginning and will continue to do so until it either becomes outdated or we face our own extinction. If we were given the option to choose, I’m sure that many wouldn’t choose to go through a life of sexist/racist persecution. Learned behaviors are the true horrors of a society. We only collectively learned that slavery was a terrifying practice, and I recoil in the thought that it ever occurred. No human has the right to consider themselves superior to others. The argument is always cancerous and pointless, simply by the lack in choice.


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