Sunday, February 19th, 2017

I turned twenty years old today. While still considerably young to some, it’s certainly old enough to classify myself as an adult. Two decades of life is nothing to scoff at. Some never even make it this far. While I still struggle coping with my childhood being completely over, I find comfort in knowing that my twenties will be odd. I’m entering a decade of life where I’m not fully trusted, yet I’m trusted more than the usual teenager who only wants a part-time job. I figure a few more years of work will allow me to become moderately successful, even if I’m stuck in a narrow field. I’m in for an interesting ride, so I’m excited to see where humanity and my life goes from here.

Today was actually quite standard. I woke up, went to work, got off work, and ate crayfish (a birthday tradition of mine). I then proceeded to surf the internet for a few hours as I dulled my mind in desperation and utter ennui. I attempted to work on a few pages for my first novel, which is coming along in a rather limited form, but the effort was futile. I ended up being distracted by an endless assortment of posts and messages that tend to keep me from my true goals. Things have been going well, but I’ve become slightly burnt-out and exhausted of writing at the moment.

There was another SpaceX rocket launch today.


I’m glad that I could watch a rocket stage land itself on my birthday. It was pushed back from yesterday after some issues, which led to me studying more about simple measures involving rocket science. This video taught me some fascinating stages of orbital propulsion, along with an interview with the astronaut Scott Kelly. It’s fun to go back and see old videos with current context. Following that video, I felt the need to watch some old Apple keynote videos for some added context of where we are today with current technology. My favorite was looking at the first Ipod announcement from 2001 and then watching the IPhone announcement from 2007. The difference is insane, especially if you look at the improvements that have affected smartphones within the past decade.

So far, today has been alright. I may not be in the best mood for a newfound adult, but I think that today wasn’t too bad by my usual standards. The insanity that’s been resulting in political scandals may be too much for me to handle, but other than that, I’m doing fine. Several members of my family have wished me a happy birthday, and that makes me feel slightly better about the situation. Knowing that several people care for me enough to remember something as trivial as the date of my birth fills me with some iota of joy. I’ve never been too great at remembering birthdays outside of my immediate family, so having others remind me is nice.

This journal update isn’t really up to my usual standards, but I think I can take a break today. I seriously don’t believe that I’ve earned it, but sometimes the work really does wear you out. Today has just been one of those seriously exhausting days where you simply had no desire to leave the bed. I’ve got my nightly cup of coffee and I’m currently lying in bed reading, so I’m at a nice spot right now. I hope you can allow me this moment of peace before badgering me to post something new or relevant again. Have a nice day.

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