Sunday, March 12th, 2017



This past weekend certainly has been uneventful. Usually I try to work on a few things on my off day, but there has been a few complications. Perhaps the amount of time that I spent sleeping caused the issues, but that was primarily due to a late night of work. I did have the opportunity to catch up on a few things, but I’m still working on a few projects. I’m finding it difficult to generate new topics to talk about for my journal entries. There is always a form of monotony that forms within most life cycles and I’ve found that my life is no different.

I did take the weekend to catch up on Agents of Shield. The focus for this season was originally on Ghost Rider, so I took a break for a while. It turns out that this was a mistake, considering that after the mid-season arc the show ended up tackling androids, artificial intelligence, and transferring consciousness. The use of Life-Model Decoys (LMD’s) has been fantastic for building tension, and this season has tackled the topic wonderfully. If you had any issues with the series at first (considering that the first 8 episodes were quite bland), I recommend that you try to continue watching as it has improved upon every season. It also weaves itself well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so if you like that series of films you’re in for a real treat.

I’ve been thinking about how humans are really just complicated animals and I found a humorous distinction between veterinarians and normal doctors. Make no mistake that humans are not better than any other animals. While we have the ability to use tools and complex speech, I still find it funny that we’re still stuck in a series of animalistic actions. We may have a more structured schedule, but we all follow the same process of living. We eat, sleep, defecate, procreate, and then die. Some live interesting lives, but most are quite forgettable to everyone else. There will soon be more dead profiles than living profiles. Everyone likes to imagine that they alone are the main character in life, but they aren’t even considered side-characters to most. The vast population is ridiculously large and consists of over 7 billion humans, and if only 2.5% are geniuses with an IQ of over 140, that still collects over 100 million individuals. Needless to say, there will always be progress if you simply look at the statistics of smart people connecting and sharing with the internet. The progress will only increase once the other half of the human population gains the ability to share with the internet.

Some may have issues understanding their place on this planet. I find it even more difficult to cope with reality when I look up at the night sky of endless stars. The universe is far too large and complicated to really care about pointless and frivolous issues like what selection of humans are popular enough to be movie stars or presidents. I expect to live a decent life, but the fact that I have to work hard to earn a living is annoying. I must admit that I’d be far happier if I was unemployed and didn’t have to worry about living conditions or a steady food supply. Life is easy to call pointless or conditional, but I’m just so frustrated that I can’t change anything. If I had god-like power and could fix the world instantly, I’d do it without a thought. My only hope of a better future comes at the rise of super-intelligent machines, and that scares me because I’d much rather place my faith in other humans and not the machines that we create.

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