Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

I ended up waking up with a minor cold today. I’m not too sure what caused it, but my day resorted to being rather lazy for my day off work. I ended up doing laundry and eating a bowl of ice cream. Not the most productive of days, but what can you do when you’re sick? I did however get addicted to listening to the opening theme to La La Land. That song is far too catchy for me to not to be in love with it. While I haven’t seen the film yet, I do plan on watching it when it comes out on Blu Ray in a few months.

I’ve noticed that my life has grown to revolve around my use of the internet. I created my own website around six months ago, and now I spend a large majority of my time trying to lean how to edit the back-end of my site (some simple editing of CSS and PHP, like my 404 page and some theme work). I dread to imagine how my life would end up without having access to it now that I’ve spent so much of my time using it. The ability to read, learn, watch, and edit just about any subject seriously may have become my life’s purpose. I’m just along for the ride attempting to see what wondrous things this collection of websites can provide within my lifetime.

Spending a majority of my time being fixated on a screen does have it’s drawbacks. I wonder how much of my eyesight could have been spared if I had spent my time less obsessed with technology. I got my first set of glasses when I was in the third grade, so I’ve been stuck with corrected eyesight for a majority of my life. I figure that maybe I have an issue understanding what drives most people with issues with their vision, but it’s pointless. Most of society is obsessed with who won the Oscar or who had the best moment on television the previous night. I’m constantly annoyed with how the majority of citizens understand the world that they inhabit, but maybe I’m jealous of their ignorance.

I understand that I’m young. That alone provides a bit of levity with the situation, but I can’t be the only one pissed with how society is moving forward. We elected Donald Trump. President Trump alone sounds like a poorly made Mad Libs. If anyone had read the results from this past election to someone from the previous decade, many would scoff at the plausibility. My argument may be the ravings of a unfortunate citizen, but I seriously worry about the repercussions involved with electing this former businessman. The majority of this planet involves other countries that will look upon the United States and see that he is the one leading us, which scares me to no end.

My youth and inexperience can’t be an eliminating factor. I know what sounds plausible is an odd choice, and the current state of events is completely nuts. I’ve always been a realist, and I understand that this country isn’t the greatest in its approach to other nations. We surround ourselves with apologists and supporters who argue that nothing is wrong. The argument that I’m trying to make is that our way of life has lost a moral direction, and our choice in leaders has been ridiculous.

Complaining won’t allow me to move on. I can only attempt to work with what I’m given, so I dredge forward in my approach for sanity and realism. Life is surrounded with complex decisions, and an idiotic populous is the result of a under-educated population. When we constantly claim that we are the greatest nation on the planet without showing that we truly can be worthy of that title, we only succeed in making a total ass of ourselves to other nations watching attentively.

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