Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


I’m slightly annoyed today. While yesterday was Valentines Day, I still found myself alone and rather unhappy being so. While being single has its perks, I still have a longing to share my life with others that share my interests. Sure, the desire for sex is a strong motivator, but I still don’t want it to become the only reason for me to find a suitable partner. I find myself becoming more and more attracted to women I meet in passing, and I can certainly blame that on my rising hormone levels and the amount of testosterone that my body is producing.

Daily improvement is an odd goal that I’m working on. Exercise certainly has its perks, either in the form of an advanced immune system, energy levels, and the physical benefit of becoming stronger. I haven’t joined a gym and my exercises mainly only involve push-ups, sit-ups, jogging, and chin-ups. That limits my growth potential and I feel like I’m beginning to plateau when not lifting heavy weights in an air-conditioned building with spotters and an odd gym code. I figure I can improve myself better with more equipment as well as laying off soft drinks for a while (I was good about this for months until I started drinking them at work recently). There’s a small bit of body fat that I’ve accumulated over the last few months (only in my stomach) that I’m fairly self-conscious about, so I really need to get back on the exercise wagon and stop the nights of upsetting food binges.

I did manage to find some success yesterday by completely disassembling and re-assembling my dishwasher (which had gotten clogged and began to grow mold, which wasn’t very pleasant). That certainly helped the issue with dirty dishes, so hopefully I can maintain a level of cleanliness now. I’m not much of an eater either. While I love food, I usually never have a kitchen clean enough to work properly in (sorry, but my roommates have cleaning issues). 

I tend to only eat when I’m truly hungry, which isn’t very often. I find myself becoming addicted to coffee, which I now drink on a daily basis. Two small cups of caffeine in afternoon really has done wonders these past few weeks, but I think it’s starting to negatively affect my sleeping pattern. I’m having this odd sense of being both energetic and exhausted at the same time, and I know that coffee is to blame.

I do have some good news to share though. I was finally able to get an interview and I got a job as a dishwasher. May not be the greatest position in the world for my tech skills, but it pays the bills (and at a higher pay than my current job). I figure a few months at this job will be enough to get myself out of my credit card debt and finally be able to begin making a dent in my student loans.

After installing Visual Studio, I’ve begun working on a few projects involving C# and C++. I may not be educated enough to fully tackle them properly, but sometimes diving into a a different language helps focusing problems. I’m still working on creating an standard executable (mainly just to pad out my résumé with something legitimate), and so far there hasn’t been much progress. Still working on the basic syntax structure as well as learning new input methods. It seems to be going well, but I can’t be too sure.

As of today, I’ve finally worked out a weekly schedule that keeps me satisfied and continuously moving forward.


My New Weekly Layout


  • 5 hours a week exercising (Some rest days for good measure)


  • 35 hours a week working (For paying bills and such)


  • 49 hours a week sleeping (7 hours a night is good)


  • 7 hours a week eating (Typically Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)


  • 30 hours a week programming (Over four hours a day to grow)


  • 30 hours a week writing (Website posts, scripts, and novel)


  • 10 hours a week working on smaller scale projects (YouTube and editing work)


  • 2 hours a week for general upkeep (Restroom and Showering)

168 hours total

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