Panels #24: Piracy

Twenty Four Hours Twenty Four comics so far.  

Panels #23: Hobby

Nobody likes you when you’re 23 Twenty Three comics so far.  

Hodgepodge Update

At this point, my goal is to bleed out some semblance of my mental clarity. There won’t be a semblance of rational ideas with this entry. My main focus is just to practice writing and see what results… Read More

Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead (1985) Better Off Dead is a comedy film directed by “Savage” Steve Holland that stars John Cusack, Diane Franklin, and Curtis Armstrong. This surreal romance film follows the failed suicidal attempts of a recently dumped… Read More

Panels #22: Taste

I’m feeling Twenty Two Twenty Two comics so far.  

Typing Practice (August 2018)

This summer, I focused on learning how to type correctly. I’ve been using a computer for over a decade, but peck typing was my bad habit. To be honest, I’m surprised I never put in the effort earlier…. Read More