Dying isn’t fun. You would think that finally reaching the end would be like taking off tight shoes, but the reality is far from it. Gasping for air while a young man attempts to pull you from… Read More

Constantly criticizing my writing

Constantly criticizing my writing.   My desire to be clever is often outweighed by my amazing tendency to be a moron. It took a few years before I realized that I wasn’t particularly good at anything. While I… Read More

Sunday February 5th, 2017

I had an interesting idea for a new way for me to work on my website. It involves a decent bit of work, but I think I can pull it off. Basically I would call the page “What… Read More

Page #1

Chapter 1. Who I am. ———————– Hello. I suppose most writings start with a nice bit of foreshadowing about the future of the story. Perhaps there was a prophecy or some legendary story of heroics. Nope. Not here. I… Read More