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Humans require energy.

There are several major forms, mainly including:

  • Kinetic (Motion)
  • Thermal (Heat)
  • Radiant (Light)

These (and several other) sources provide an output that we humans desire:


Electricity provides “power” to most technology.


As you read this website, you are expending energy.

Not a significant amount due to efficient design, but still requiring a source.


Most historic energy sources were derived from chemical means.

Fossil fuels (Coal, Crude Oil, Natural Gas) provided it chemically.

By using these sources, excess carbon is released.

This leads to adverse (bad) effects towards Earth’s climate.


Renewable sources provide safer production & living conditions for humans.

These sources include:

  • Hydropower (Water Motion)
  • Wind (Kinetic Wind Turbines)
  • Solar (Sunlight)


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