About Me

Hello, my name is Brandon Grisham.
I run this website.

Think of it like an interactive business card anyone can access.

Yes, I’m aware that I look ridiculous in that photo.

Main Information

  • 26-year-old human male living in Jackson, Mississippi
  • Online Network Manager for Emmerich Newspapers (20+ Mississippi newspapers)
  • I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelors in Business Information Systems.




I’ve been working on my YouTube Channel since 2009.
Brandon Andrew Grisham (Bagrisham) Accomplishments
I have a few thousand subscribers and over 1.5 Million Views total.


I built my first desktop PC in December of 2012


This website went live in 2016, over five years ago. Still going.

Brandon Grisham Bagrisham Logo

I won a national award for my web development work for my University’s newspaper in 2020.

Won the same award the following year (2021) as well. I think my school has the trophy.

I published my first novel in May of 2020.

Published my second novel in December of 2021.

Note to Self by Brandon Grisham


Tiny accomplishments

– Learning piano.

– I’ve watched over 1,000 different films and I’m keeping an updated record.

– Can hum and whistle at the same time.

– I can recite Alphabet Aerobics, from Blackalicious’s A2G EP, from memory.

In Conclusion

These may not sound like great accomplishments to interesting or fairly intelligent people.

Still, I have my own personal website.

That certainly sets me apart from some of my peers.

Thank you for reading!


You can click here for my dramatic backstory.


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