About Me

Brandon Grisham, Bagrisham, Age 21

Hello, my name is Brandon Grisham.
I run this website.

Think of it like an interactive business card anyone can access.

Yes, I’m aware that I look ridiculous in that photo.

Main Information

  • 23-year-old human male living in Starkville, Mississippi
  • Online Editor for the Reflector (Mississippi State’s Newspaper)
  • Business Information Systems – Senior classification
    (I graduate Dec. 2020)



I’ve been working on my YouTube Channel since 2009.
Brandon Andrew Grisham (Bagrisham) Accomplishments
I have a few thousand subscribers and over 1.5 Million Views total.


I built my first desktop PC in December of 2012

Managed to complete it before the end of the world.
The Mayans and John Cusack were incorrect.
I upgrade with modular components when I need to.

It only took a few years until I stopped using it to play video games.
I still use it to this day.


This website went live in 2016

Brandon Grisham Bagrisham Logo

I created an Etsy store in May of 2016.

I sold custom stickers and had over 400 sales in my first eight months.
Custom Center Etsy Store Bagrisham Accomplshments
I shut down the store January 2017 due to no longer having the time needed to operate it.


Tiny accomplishments

I’ve watched over 600 different films and I’m keeping an updated record.

Can hum and whistle at the same time.
Very proud about that.

I can recite Alphabet Aerobics, from Blackalicious’s A2G EP, from memory.

In Conclusion

These may not sound like great accomplishments to interesting or fairly intelligent people.

I still have my own personal website.

That certainly sets me apart from some of my peers.

Thank you for reading!


You can click here for my dramatic backstory.


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