My Original Content

I’ve created far too much content, so I’ve broken it up by year.

This website has been running for over five years, so this serves as a “quick access point” to everything that I’ve worked on.

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Click on the linked years if you want.

They provide everything that you would ever need to know about me.


My Content


First year of my website.
Very basic posts.


Year two. Sad stuff.
I was depressed.


Third year.
Re-enrolled in college.
I wrote stronger content.


Year four. Much happier.
More upbeat.


Year five. A lot of alone time.
A worldwide pandemic. I graduated college.

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Year six. My first ‘full time’ work year.
I got an apartment, a cat, and wrote my second novel.

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Year seven. Current year.
Things are quiet, and I like that.
I’ve got a daytime job.
I’m doing alright.


Everything I plan on doing with my life.


A more categorized list of the stuff I’m into.


Internet, Notebook

Notes I took while using the Internet.


A digital copy of my physical journal pages.


The adult side of my website. Not everything I write is “PG”.


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