Music is a challenge to recommend. Everyone has a differing opinion on what sounds “pleasant”.


Some will consider music before my time as more important.

Some will consider music that comes out after my time to be more important.


Those statements are true to some, but these are MY lists.


Music, from all decades, will sound nice to those who need to hear it.

I can guarantee that YOU won’t like every song I choose to share.

That is called personal taste.

We all have our own version/augmentation and you should be damn proud of that fact.



1970’s (and before) Music Mix

1980’s Music Mix

1990’s Music Mix

2000’s Music Mix

2010’s Music Mix

2020’s Music Mix


The playlist I made when I was 20 years old



that Brandon Grisham enjoys listening to:


that Brandon Grisham thinks are marvelous:


  • Daft Punk – Discovery
  • R.E.M – Automatic for the People



that Brandon Grisham is a fan of:


  • Daft Punk
  • The Beatles



that Brandon Grisham thinks are interesting:


Data – Don’t Sing


I’ve lived with access to the Internet from a young age. 

That decision impacted this list.

Get over it.

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