*For a general overview, Wikipedia has a fantastic category regarding Finance. I recommend that you start with financial ratios.

Humans use money.
We have for over a millennium.
This page exist to help you understand money.

Everything has an expense through transfer.
Even air comes with the cost of energy.
Entropy is not easy to solve, but finance is substantially easier.
All finance requires is a decent calculator, which you are using to read this website.

There are several major aspects of finances, including:

  • Accounting (keeping track of information with organization)
  • Economics (understanding consumption and production within society)
  • Finance (utilizing resources gained through Accounting and Economics)

These (and several other) sources provide a resource that we humans desire:


Money provides the ‘power’ to do just about anything.
We all would like to have more of it.


The following posts will go in-depth with the field of Financial Management:


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