The Internet & Beyond

The Internet is a void. An endless compendium of interaction that attacks the senses. The vast stretches of it contain work from most individuals, groups, and peers. Content is only formed from the combined efforts of trial and error. Some shared posts are considered to be of significant social/cultural/informative influence. Others are considerably less important. Every interaction has an assigned value of importance, so most use the Internet to browse for eclectic information ranging from comedy to pornography.

How important is this shared information? A nihilistic approach to the overall meaning derived from all of this shared data is that most of it will go unnoticed. There is simply too much expansive content for anyone to scrub through it all. Perhaps if humans can figure out how to absorb content faster we could attempt organization. That seems to be a bit futile though, mainly because a bulk of the information shared is without meaning. There are projects created for the sole purpose to confuse, bewilder, and befuddle those who interpret them.

Certain aspects of human existence feel simulated. That approach sounds absurd to some, but speculate for a moment that this reality has several possible interpretations. Many subscribe to the idea of intelligence levels. How many of those levels exist? Can the entire lifespan of an individual be understood instantly? What about the entire population? Imagine the concept of every single choice, interaction, conversation, and perspective being scrutinized and dissected by a massive cognitive force. This force would be able to completely understand every facet of our understood reality and provide a slew of considerable talking points. Most of them would be based on how we humans interact, so along with every considerate action comes every possible depraved act of human indignity.

The depth of mortal life comes from emotional toil and the choices made to allow survival. Things must go wrong. The observation of human life adapts to new intelligence daily, so the emotions involved have value. How much depends on those who have imposing opinions. Lack of motivation slows progress over time, so morale is important. Societal pressure can be devastating and the emotional aspect is horrifying for those who manage expectations. Perspective directly inhibits foresight, so many question their beliefs. I’m under the impression that whatever I manage to create will be viewed by those who are not me. They judge, analyze, and offer opinions. They are the only way to keep shared thought in check. It is within those responses that opinions become beliefs.

It is with this knowledge that I somehow find comfort. I may not understand the ridiculous nature of my conception or the complete lunacy that allows for this message to exist. I may be completely ignorant to the qualms of others who face far worse circumstances in life. I have no clue how to proceed within this glum tone, but I’ve got a feeling that in some way there is a point to all of this spent energy. We either adjust to entropy or perish alongside it. The choice tends to focus on how efficient we become before our impact levels become too great to fix.

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