Hodgepodge Update

At this point, my goal is to bleed out some semblance of my mental clarity. There won’t be a semblance of rational ideas with this entry. My main focus is just to practice writing and see what results… Read More

Foolish Aspirations

I’m a bit egotistic. Most of this work is done to simply impress others (mainly women). My desire is to be “important” or “valued”. Being an object of comparison is not the best goal though (in my opinion)…. Read More

Obstinate Overhaul

WEBSITE OVERHAUL After some tedious hours, I’ve managed to overhaul my website organization & search functions this week. Added Videos section. Links to a majority of my old and recent YouTube videos. Edited Résumé and Link section. I’ve… Read More

Much Needed Update

It is amazing how quickly time can get ahead of you. Being busier than usual tends to provide that irritation. Regardless, I still need to apologize for nothing new in 5 weeks.   After working at a frantic… Read More

Not exactly marvelous shenanigans

I’ve found myself drifting recently. If anything, my imagination has been developing dramatically. My eyes close and suddenly there are endless warps of color and fragmented ideas. While I have little understanding of what the nature of these… Read More

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Things have been going well for me. I aim to complete 5 development projects a week. One development project a day. My development group needs practice, but I’m glad we are already up and running. Perhaps two projects… Read More

After Much Work

Woah. I never expected the workload to be so ridiculous, but I figure that this reason alone is why my stress levels are rising. Almost two weeks ago, I started a digital development company. I figure that becoming… Read More

I’m Frustrated

Normally I have issues with others. It isn’t that I’m anti-social, but it’s easy to know that I don’t function well in environments with human interaction. This type of anxiety has been a nightmare to deal with, primarily… Read More

Some reflection

Today has been somewhat of an eye opener for me. I’m learning things about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I’m taking care of a few animals, and it is extremely difficult. I get agitated after taking care… Read More

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Okay. Time for an update.   Things have been going well for me. I’ve still have a job working as a tech associate at a Halloween store. I work roughly 30 hours a week. I’m off two days… Read More