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Chapter 3.



Meeting people is a strange experience. I try to be polite and not annoy the person I’m speaking to. My personality can be quite off putting. Usually I try not thinking about how just by interacting we change how a person could potentially go through life.

Friendship is a pleasant yet difficult responsibility. How you interact with others shapes the relationship and will be considered. Are you the nervous friend or the calm one? Are you the leader of your group of friends, or up for anything? Life rewards the kind and pleasant, yet you can only get so far with hugs and sunshine.

My life typically stems from the usual existential crisis. Questioning my purpose in life is all that I can truly do. Most go their entire lives wondering what could have happened if they stuck with their dreams. My dream is to not become a starving artist. Turns out that many fail in the grand scheme. I hope that I become what I planned for.

Existence is typically overrated. We all know that we will inevitably snuff it, but the childish notion that we will be the singular immortal one is ridiculous. Life ends. It sucks, yet there is only so much that we can do. If you ever face an issue with what happened in your short existence on this planet, just imagine if you were born a century earlier.

The average lifespan was under 40 years old for most of human history. Thankfully we now live in an age that continues to surprise us in terms of advancement. Be glad that you had the chance to exist in the short amount of time that you were given. There will always be the ones that drew the short end of the stick. Maybe its you.

I could argue that I know precisely what I want out of my life. That would be a complete lie, but I certainly could convince you. The occasional suicidal thought does come across my mind from time to time. I always wonder if what I’m doing makes a difference to anyone, but I continue forward mainly out of sheer curiosity. Who knows what the future holds? I aim to see it with my own eyes.


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