Not Safe For Work Posts

I’m in my 20’s.

Obviously I’m gonna mention things that won’t be suitable to mention at

  • work
  • school
  • high society.


Those who ventured into this segment of my website expecting pornographic material or erotic content will likely find themselves disappointed.



There is a wide assortment of nudity that suits any fetish found easily on other websites by simply searching for it.


This page discusses topics that some may find rather “risqué”.

Such NSFW topics include:


Graphic Violence







Strong Language



I also intend to link to some interesting

  • videos
  • websites
  • articles

with content that may be too much for your workplace web filter.

For example, here’s a wonderful animated video with brief nudity.


Some would argue that this video is inappropriate.


I proudly hate censorship.

Content filtering only causes more damage.

We’re all working adults (or possibly young-adults).

Everything (regardless of how immature or grotesque) should be discussed.


Don’t say “think of the children”.

I’ll remind you that for every one person you censure,

more will find it due to sheer curiosity stemming from its censorship.


I’ll point out that your childhood wasn’t that innocent,

so allow us browse the Internet like it was originally intended:

to share information.


Information sharing is important to our growth as a species.

It allows us to have an actual conversation about the topics

that some won’t bring up at the usual PTA meeting.


If those topics of conversation include a sexual/disturbing nature, who am I to judge?

I would like to point out that I’m only trying to emphasize a point about having a free range for conversation, regardless of the usual taboo.


I also use colorful language for some of my more passionate posts, so don’t be discouraged if that isn’t your thing.


Only the posts to this section will have it,

so the rest of my website is pretty “PG” in most respects.


Usually when I employ harsher language, I try to follow a strict rule that I saw imposed on the animated series Bojack Horseman” (which is unrated and could easily use constant profanity).


They only use the word “fuck” once a season (much like a PG-13 movie),

and the effect was always extremely powerful.

I find that the more sparingly profanity is used,

the more effective it becomes when truly needed to convey emotion.


It is through this medium of conversation that I’d like to point out that

we are all alike in far more ways than we are different.


I’m simply attempting to become an adult and I’m actually trying to talk about it instead of hiding my quirks and thoughts like so many others who feel ashamed or discouraged about certain aspects of adult life.


Here are some links to stuff your parents don’t want you to see:

history of the entire world, i guess


My NSFW Posts (Age 13 & Up):

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