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Moral and religious views aside, masturbation has been a part of human civilization from the beginning. Masturbation is the only reason this species exists. Anyone who denies this factor is lying.

Sexual frustration exists, so we figured out that we can relieve ourselves. Without this tool, many would likely have gone insane.


Why are you touching yourself?

Sex is not something that teenagers and adults have readily available, so we tend to touch ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re popular, shy, extroverted, introverted, whatever. We’ve all done it and will likely continue to do it.
Men and women need a solid orgasm every once and a while to help keep everything in perspective.

My stance on masturbation has been fluid for years. As a teenager, I barely remember days in which I didn’t consider doing it (much to my parent’s disappointment).

If they’re somehow reading this, two quick points:
1. Were you really that curious to click on this subject?
2. Yeah, we both know what I was doing. Better that than me knocking up one of my peers in High School.

My thoughts about masturbation (at age 22)

I believe that too many orgasms is a negative thing. Sexual pleasure is fantastic but only acts as a byproduct of reproduction. Anything else is considerably excessive and leads to abusive dopamine spikes.

A high libido is great but there is a biological imperative that must be kept in focus. If you have sex more than once every few days, your body thinks that you have nothing to work toward.

Women, who are the superior sexual form of the species, can have endless orgasms without significant bodily issues. “Shotgun” orgasms, a functional clitoris, erogenous zones, and several other factors attest to this claim.

Men however have several key issues when it comes to sex. Easily accessed pornography has led to difficulty maintaining standard sexual interest, erectile dysfunction, lowered testosterone levels, and other various symptoms.

Most men with an Internet connection browse pornography. Doing so causes dopamine spikes, lower physical interest towards women, and several physical and psychological detriments. They tend to jack off when they watch porn and it takes longer each time, as there is less “variety” with each video.

My aim has become to abstain from masturbation and pornography as much as possible. I prefer the goal of possibly interacting with another person rather than tricking my body/brain. That’s just my personal preference.

Personally, I don’t care if you touch yourself or not. Better that than accidentally bringing another human into this world you weren’t ready for.

Many find masturbation an appealing release of pent up energy, so if you choose to do it, cool. Also, I don’t care (as long as I’m not around you when you’re doing it). What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, not mine.

So, whether you like to touch yourself or not, you’re okay in my book either way.

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