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Moral and religious views aside, masturbation has been a part of human civilization from the beginning. Masturbation is the only reason this species exists. Anyone who denies this factor is lying.

Sexual frustration exists, so we quickly figured out that we can relieve ourselves. Without this tool, many would likely have gone insane.


Why are you touching yourself?

Sex is not something that teenagers and adults have at readily available access, so we tend to touch ourselves. Men and women need a solid orgasm every once and a while to help keep everything in perspective.

Sexual pleasure is fantastic but only acts as a byproduct of reproduction. Anything else is considerably excessive and leads to abusive dopamine spikes. I believe that too many orgasms is a negative thing.

A high libido is great but there is a biological imperative that must be kept in focus. If you have sex more than once every few days, your body thinks that you have nothing to work toward.

My thoughts about masturbation (at age 22)

My stance on masturbation has been fluid for years. As a teenager, I barely remember days in which I didn’t constantly do it.

Women, who are the superior sexual form of the species, can have endless orgasms without significant bodily issues. “Shotgun” orgasms, a functional clitoris, erogenous zones, and several other factors attest to this claim.

Men however have several key issues when it comes to sex. Easily accessed pornography has led to difficulty maintaining standard sexual interest, erectile dysfunction, lowered testosterone levels, and prolactin spikes.

Most men with an Internet connection browse pornography. Doing so causes dopamine spikes, lower physical interest towards women, and several physical and psychological detriments. They tend to jack off when they watch porn and it takes longer each time, as there is less “variety” with each video.

Semen. It is liquid life.

Semen is a difficult substance for the body to produce. By going without an orgasm and preserving loss, men withhold their sexual energy until needed. Doing so leads to benefits, as considerable nutrients are stored and accessible to the body, even for non-sexual purposes.

As a life-giving resource, our body naturally signals when men are “ready” to inseminate the female population. A lower voice, enhanced limbal rings in the eyes, increased energy levels, and a multitude of other factors occur when abstaining from masturbation/sex.

There are several online communities that focus on masturbation/pornography abstinence (typically No Fap and SemenRetention). As most internet boards go, some of the users are insane. While the messages and teachings are out there, especially regarding the female population, there is a beneficial point toward their existence.

I have abstained from the practice since loosing my virginity. Many find it an appealing release of pent up energy, so if you choose to do so, I have no way of stopping you.

NSFW Journal Entry

In the journal entry below, I delved into my sexual viewpoints further. If you would like to read it, feel free to do so.

Day 7838 Day 7838

Not exactly “child-friendly”
Brandon Andrew Grisham

Monday, August 6th, 2018
Day # 7,838

My insomnia isn’t getting better. I figure that I drifted off to sleep sometime around 2 or 3 AM. Last night was difficult to avoid my sexual urges, but I managed to abstain from my usual vice of masturbation.

My penis was not happy but the blood eventually drained and I kept my streak intact. My goal isn’t to completely avoid masturbation forever but mainly just to stop browsing pornography. It seems to help combat the lack of testosterone and helps me build a better self-image by not resorting to f***ing my hand every time I get horny.

Yeah, not the best start. Sorry if my introduction is a bit unsettling, but I’m in my early 20’s and my libido is insane. My goal is to combat that with actually working toward a positive use of my time.

This isn’t how I had intended to lay out my discussion. The point of these entries is to provide context and more info into how my behavior is developing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a very social child and the Internet warped my behavior.

I’ve been making an effort to change that excuse into a positive trait and so far my “No-Fap” challenge is going well. My best streak was 42 days (started in June) and as of today I am on day six.

Not high numbers, but my reasoning is that if I can reduce my rate of masturbation down to less than once a week that equals 300 days of shame-free progress.

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Contrary to my previous argument, I feel that I have a fairly healthy outlook towards sex, masturbation, and my general sexual identity.

After my first year of college, I found that I was mainly attracted to women, even if I met the occasional attractive male. I like everyone. There are varied personality traits that I can’t help but be incredibly attracted to. It is mainly women though.

As for my sex-life, there isn’t one. It isn’t that I’m not interested in sex. I’m obviously not asexual. I’d like to loose my virginity but the concepts of relationships don’t interest me.

Most people my age are not worth spending my time on yet. Their personality traits are warped by social expectation, so holding conversation about trivial matter bores me. Older groups are usually far more interesting, both in personality growth and conversation.

Yes, I masturbated a lot in my teenage years. I don’t regret it though, as it obviously helped me avoid pregnancy. It did however lead to inexperience with relationships, so it was a dual-edged sword.

I consider my healthier approach now to have solved my initial problem. If I continue to build better habits, I’m sure that I’ll develop a positive outlook towards relations.

I’m human. Obviously sex will occupy my time, but it isn’t my life. It led to my existence but it will not encompass it. There are far more long-term uses of my short life that better serve my time.

Boredom happens in the bedroom if not varied in practice, so I’ll aim to adjust my expectations toward it being a pleasant surprise. A less elevated heart-rate is preferred.

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