Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Day 7835

Day 7835

Day 7835

Obvious Additional Info
Brandon Andrew Grisham

Friday, August 3rd, 2018
Day # 7,835

Well, I figure that I’ll need to write some more info here. Not too much has happened recently, so I don’t feel the need to give much of an update. I’ve gotten back into painting, so I have been enjoying that lately.

Apart from that, there isn’t much to discuss. I’ve already packed for college (leave on the 18th), so I don’t have my usual pens. I’ve never been that big a fan of pencil writing, so this is a temporary fix.

I miss writing, yet I’m not sure if I should return to it. There is a benefit to having more practice with my hand, but the exhaustion sets in quickly. My output is something that I hold in high regard.

I’ve managed to get my keyboard typing speed over 55 WPM. My goal is to reach 80, but that speed is a bit out of reach. My current speed is already faster than 75% of the current population, so I’m happy with that already. It’ll only keep improving with time, so there isn’t much of a rush.

I’ve done well with myself this summer. I rarely feel stressed enough to resort to drinking, so I consider that a positive thing. I’ve only had 3 – 4 drinks all summer (May – August), so that functions well when considering my age.

I’ll need to take out another loan, but that was expected for this upcoming term. I consider myself excited, but I aim to avoid my usual pitfalls that I ran into my first year.

A lot can happen in three years, but doing well these next few years will determine how far I can go (and more importantly, how quickly). I’ll need to pay off my loans at a faster rate, so I need to focus as much as I can with this.

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I’d like for my writing to improve. That requires regular practice with both reading and writing. A standard rite of passage seems to be Lord of the Rings, so I’ll need to have a few chapters read per day.

Another useful tactic would be to transcribe some form of literary work. I’m thinking a thesaurus. That will help with my spelling and additive vocabulary. Any practice will allow for improvement.

The goals for writing several novels is there. Why? I think mainly only for money, free-time, and as a challenge. I’m not a very captivating writer.

Perhaps I can provide several great works if I continue my practice. What can I say with my written voice? I’m an untrained mammal with foolish aspirations, but most are when they start out.

My obvious primate form frightens me. Each passing day has me questioning my animalistic nature, especially with my obsessive reliance with technology.

I carry with me an ability to listen to every song recorded, yet I don’t place much enthusiasm in my music playlists. I’ve used them so much that any and all novelty has worn off. This leads to less happiness.

I’ve been exercising regularly over the past few years, but after obtaining my goal (a six-pack), I feel like I haven’t earned it. I was always tricking my body to exercise for a dopamine release and for improved health.

I enjoy being sick far less than lifting 25 lb weights, so it was for off reasons. Sure, my diet played a larger role, but I never ate much anyway. Perhaps I’ve earned my new physical state, but maintaining it worries me. I get cautious simply sitting for long stretches now.

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