Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Day 7836

Day 7836

Day 7836

Final Day of the Week (once again)
Brandon Andrew Grisham

Saturday, August 4th, 2018
Day # 7,836

I’ve had a fairly long day today. I woke up at 8 initially but it was raining. I woke up again at 10:30. I got dressed and left at 11:25.

My first stop was Goodwill. Several items caught my eye, including two pairs of pants, two VHS tapes, two DVDs and a dictionary. My total cost was $15.

Following that, my next stop was Marshall’s (a crafts store). I picked up some canvases and a pack of brushes for $57. While expensive, I purchased in bulk and received twenty 16×20 canvases, two 8×12 canvases, and fifty new brushes. My reasoning was that came to roughly $ per canvas, so that saved me roughly $30 in total (excluding the brushes).

The final stop was Walmart for my weekly groceries. Not my favorite store, but a needed location. I purchased my usual list, which came to $47. AS a treat, I picked up a cold-brew coffee (16 grams of sugar) and quickly enjoyed it. I had managed to get a nice parking spot, so I was about that. I also needed some gasoline for my car so I purchased half a tank (6 gallons) for $15 at $2.49/gal.

Upon returning home at 1:40, my next task was to mow the lawn. My usual day to cut is on Saturday, so I put on some layers of sunscreen and began to use the self-propelled push mower. It was fairly hot, so I sweat through my shirt.

Due to being pale (and unevenly tan), I removed my shirt for the remaining half of the lawn. I’m not a fan of being shirtless but I can see the appeal of not wearing a damp rag. I finished exactly at 4:21. I proceeded to take a cold shower for 90 seconds and felt fantastic afterward.

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My choice of attire was limited, so I resorted to pajama pants and a lime t-shirt. Hopefully I can get around to laundry tomorrow.

After a brief five minute call, I ran the dishwasher. It was almost full anyway and it was full after I cleaned out my car (several used cups). It took roughly two hours but I put it away quickly after the cycle was completed.

I cooked six meal-prep meals in the kitchen. I made brown rice, sautéed mushrooms, cooked spinach, broccoli, and apple-wood marinated grilled chicken. That is my usual go-to meal setup as it hits most of my needed foods.

Today “ended” at 8:30, where I retired to my bedroom to write this diatribe of my day. I’m just now finishing at 10 PM, so that speaks volumes about how long it takes to churn out a few pages. Both my hand and my body are exhausted, so I’ll be going to bed soon. I had a pleasant day. Needed, but not too special.

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