Dear Mr. Burnham

Dear Bo,

Are you happy? You asked this question to me and the other fans that you performed for when I saw you live last October. The reason that I’m asking you is because I’m not sure if you are. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress added to a kid who became famous for comedy on Youtube, leading only to constantly touring around the country. While the fame and attention certainly has benefits, there are countless drawbacks that stem from it. Drawbacks that only you are aware of, and I feel that it may be altering you, even if you are fully aware of these changes. Fame is frightening, and this fame will impact every choice that you make. If you take it into consideration, its like having a megaphone surgically embedded into you. You can’t make a choice without the danger of it impacting you and your image in some way. I know very little of the lifestyle involved with comedians, but I know that the pressure of hundreds staring at you, expecting to have a nice evening hinges on your shoulders.

I’d like to offer you only the best of intentions. I hope that you have a long and successful career, be it comedy, acting, or whatever you choose to have as a profession. My only wish is that you do whatever makes you feel alive and entertains your passion. To me, you are a talented and gifted young comedian, and your comedy has helped me find joy in even the gloomiest of days. Because of your work, my days have become better and they provide me a pleasure that only comedians like yourself can bring. Your wit and clever writing have challenged me to become better, as you have raised my standards for what can be accomplished.

Please find joy in your life. If you don’t, then I only hope that you can at-least laugh at my pitiful attempt to reach out to you. As one fan among millions, I have a more likely chance of falling out of an airplane than meeting you (or somehow you reading this little note). Hopefully we could go skydiving sometime. Have a lovely day.

Best Wishes,

– Brandon Grisham

P.S. Its amazing to think that you went from this


to this


in less than ten years.

Fantastic work man.

You deserve every bit of praise.

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