Hodgepodge Update

At this point, my goal is to bleed out some semblance of my mental clarity. There won’t be a semblance of rational ideas with this entry. My main focus is just to practice writing and see what results show up.

As I continue to pound out my work, there should be some creative inspiration from the effort involved. That or I wind up creating a batch of useless gibberish that isn’t of much value to anyone except myself. Either way, I find this to be a fair use of my time, so strap in.

Human existence feels strange. Coming from a human, that isn’t exactly new information. I feel correct in my assumption that whoever is reading this is a human as well. For a race of educated primates, there is a good deal of nuance to work with.

My hobbies are mainly inclined toward a technological approach. I figure that most of my work will seem archaic toward future generations. Aiming to predict what may come is futile, so I’ll aim to avoid science fiction for now. The Internet and computing will advance into a level of speed that I can’t even fathom.

How much of it that I’ll actually witness will be interesting to see. My lifespan should hover somewhere around another sixty or so years. That is based off a general expectation, but I’ll likely kick the bucket before or after that figure.

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. Everything else seems to be a bonus, so I’m looking forward toward my future growth. I’m guessing that my personality will become more hard-set as I grow older. As for my experiences, that comes with living my life normally.

What normality defines is subjective. I figure it’ll be a fun balance between “wasted” time and “work”. Anyone can derive a sense of accomplishment from either. My species isn’t exactly as advanced as it claims to be.

Economics triumphs over common sense every day of the week.Resources aren’t managed well, even in an automating world. Because of this unfortunate fact, I’m doing well comparatively toward other members of my species.

Geography is a fun subject. Anyone who claims to keep perspective in every single aspect of their selfish existence is either omnipotent or lying. The butterfly effect can really wind up causing problems if care isn’t placed into spent time.

Schedules are important, but without risk there is monotony and boredom. Security is a great benefit, but exceedingly dull and often comfortable to a blinding degree. At a certain point, I need to throw caution to the wind and document my racing (but rambling) mind.

Upbeat music can create a staggering sense of progression. Coffee and electronic music are a dangerous combination (especially for the weariness of my keyboard). There always comes a crashing point, so there isn’t much left to discuss with this entry.

If I keep going, I’ll loose my ability to keep everything contained into short bursts of updative progress. Slightly over five hundred words isn’t a bad goal. The alternative is a lengthy post that could easily be summed up.

Less fluff, more stuff.

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