Song of the Day: Every Night

Today’s song is Every Night by Flor. Alt Pop. Fast paced, bombastic, and some self-challenging lyrics. A great track. The drums on display here are exceptional. Each listen really draws more attention to how good they are. But… Read More

Song of the Day: heat waves

Today’s song is heat waves by Lunelle. Alt-pop. Yeah, this is a cover of the psychedelic pop original by the Glass Animals. This rendition adds more energy/edge, and I find the pacing shown here really works. I just… Read More

Song of the Day: Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Today’s song is Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage The Elephant. Alt-Rock / rap rock. Anyone who grew up in the 2000’s (or played Borderlands) is extremely familiar with this one. It’s recognizable (and lyrics are… Read More

Song of the Day: Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile

Today’s song is Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile by The New Pornographers. Indie/ Powerpop. This is just a cool song. Weird, a killer hook, and a neat blend of vocals. Those drums hit hard and really… Read More

Song of the Day: rollercoaster baby

Today’s song is rollercoaster baby by Oh Wonder. Alternative/Rock-pop. This one has been drilling into my head for the last few months. There are so many exquisite elements that meld beautifully, from warbled shout vocals to a tone that… Read More

Song of the Day: Flux

Today’s song is Flux by Michaela Slinger. Pop. The lyrics of this track become apparent when you notice the TITLE. Accidentally confused the song for an expletive the first time I heard this one (a bit funny looking… Read More

Song of the Day: EVERYTHING

Today’s song is EVERYTHING by Stella Smyth. Hyperpop. You can easily hear the influences from Caroline Polachek. The aggressive autotune hits though. This type of style, when done well, sticks with you. Onomatopoeia, do I really wanna see… Read More

Song of the Day: Probabilities

Today’s song is Probabilities by Maude Latour. Indie-pop / Electropop. You’ll notice the sound instantly. A harsh-upbeat, pseudo-dance tone with a hook that digs into your skull. This track develops into a type of (somewhat-overwhelming) electronica that is… Read More

Song of the Day: Cool For A Second

Today’s song is Cool For A Second by Yumi Zouma. Alternative/Indie. This song is a bit difficult to parse at first, but over time it really becomes something beautiful. Focus on the backing, really delve into the lyrics… Read More

Song of the Day: Still into You

Today’s song is Still into You by Paramore. Pop Rock. Everyone and their mother knows Paramore. Personally, I found it funny how ‘accessible’ this one wound up being (compared to their other work) This is one of their… Read More