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Day 7987

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Top replied to threads involve space, free will and climate change.

  • While an “educated” board, not very happy. Helpful though.
    • Math is the popular field to discuss. Little Bio/Chem.

Kahn Academy is a solid math introduction, then textbooks.

While classic literature is pleasant they are mostly words without substance.

  • A course of general philosophy is more structured.

––– /lit/ – Literature –––

NoFap (no masturbation/porn) is a growing goal/trend.

  • Calm results leading to a positive outlook on life.
    • Cold showers/ Diet/ Exercise/ Meditation/ Reading

Do well and few take notice. Screw up once and they’ll never forget.

The Internet is a melting pot that everyone throws stuff into.

  • Not every ingredient is fresh or tasty.

As animals, humans have an odd view of what life is.

  • Everyone has personal matters that don’t matter to others.

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