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Day 7996

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Friday, January 11th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

The Greeks are important to read. Cool.

There is a fine line between a scholar and a megalomaniac.

Trying to combat cosmological grief isn’t easy.

  • Every human is sucking in air to live.
    • Connected to all condensed matter on Earth.
      • ¬†Only distance is between you and the Universe.

Humans as a species have odd behavioral and social habits.

  • Avoiding time-sinks leads to smarter time usage.

Plan out what you wish to accomplish, either daily or weekly.

  • These plans are your desires for time usage.
    • Productive time equals consistent practice.

Occasionally down time must be for rest and recuperation.

  • Aim to use it correctly, as too much is detrimental.
    • Anyone can easily become lethargic.

Resting after accomplishing a task is far more rewarding over time than taking it easy.

All time is an investment in your future.


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