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Chapter 1.

Who I am.



I suppose most writings start with a nice bit of foreshadowing about the future of the story. Perhaps there was a prophecy or some legendary story of heroics.


Not here.

I have absolutely no possible reason to inspire acts of valor. I am but a simple author with no hidden agenda in my plan to share my thoughts with the living youth. I’m gonna die some day so I figured leaving something behind would help me explain myself.

I figure constantly working on this so that when I drop dead (of perfectly natural causes like being eaten), I could then leave behind a small blip of information about my previous existence. Death sucks. Not that I can speak from personal experience, it’s just that I have seen the effects of death quite a few times already.

I think that you should know that I didn’t kill anyone. I’ve just seen a few things. People tend to die in my line of work. It’s difficult to explain the full experience of seeing a person turn themselves inside out. Not an image you can ever remove from your brain. It’s permanently etched into my eyelids some nights. Death just isn’t ever pretty.

Some days are fun. I get to search for some fascinating objects with my friends. They enjoy the harder to find things, but the occasional easy quest is fun. My job is to look for a job. Once I finish it, I quickly move on. Probably not the most effective way to try to stick with one job, but I enjoy the travel. You only get to visit so many places in one lifetime. I only go as far as I’m willing to get without death and dismemberment.

The nights are the hardest. Like I said, some things just don’t leave you. I can’t possibly hope to explain properly, just think of the word “agonizing”. Possibly “deranged”.

The usual problem with the whole sleep situation is that it’s hard to do when people die too much. It puts sleepers on edge. If they could possibly die, most of them would want to know how it happened.


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