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Chapter 2.

Who are you?


Effort is the hardest thing to produce in some people. I can’t say what it truly means to strive for effort. Some go their entire lives not knowing what to do. We all stumble in our lives. Its the getting back up again part that is so difficult. Some trips take time to recover from.

Life isn’t easy. It isn’t meant to be. Sometimes it feels pointless. Keeping the right direction only takes time.

Everything that you do is a choice, and if you dwell on the possibility of choosing incorrectly you can only suffer.

You are reading right now, so that is a positive thing to think about. The pursuit of knowledge is a long process. The events of your life spark the creation of future memories. We all base our personality off of past experiences that occur from time to time.

The actions of others is always out of our control. We are responsible for ourselves and only ourselves. The young will rebel. The old will control. Such is life. We can only collectively communicate. The more we speak, share, and send allows the collective group to gain knowledge. Knowledge of all forms will continue to future generations if considered by the mass majority to be worth knowing.

Our personal connections to the world that we create for ourselves is not standard. We don’t all get the fun aunt or the wealthy grandmother that funds all of requests of the family. Some have terrible friends that take advantage of the kindness we would try to show.

Music always helps. It lets us keep our minds focused on another genre of storytelling. Sometimes the song sucks. You can only blame your own taste in music. You like the genre, so you hear both the poor quality and the classics.

What is written down isn’t easier either. The time that it takes to share what you have written is both long and instantaneous. The length and quality of your work is what is remembered. Is it one masterpiece or several? That is for only others to decide. The popularity of a genre is supported by the fans that sing praise of the work.


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