Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is a drive that most adults respond to erratically. We are all human mammals with animalistic drives. It is the driving force of most life itself, so it makes sense for it to permeate all social cultures.

As a man, my thoughts have drifted towards sex increasingly as I’ve entered adulthood. As a teenager, my views were warped and disturbing, but I’ve mostly mellowed out. Sex is a normal and hilariously bizarre form of our human reproduction process.

My Sexual Experience

I’m not unfamiliar with the act of sexual contact. I received a rather extensive Health class, even in southern Alabama. My life hasn’t involved many intimate interactions with the opposite sex, but that doesn’t discourage me. I’m an adult and I’ve met several people that I care about enough to have sex with.

The Actual Act of Sex

Obviously porn isn’t the best representation about what truly happens during sex. The Internet has provided me with alternative “instructional” videos, articles, and pages about coitus that provide pleasure to both parties. The more I read into the subject, the differences between opposing sexual views became fascinating.

I mainly laugh at the idea of what happens when two individuals (or more) have sex. It’s just extremely funny to me. Don’t seriously expect much from sex. Rhythmic thrusting and a few jokes about the absurdity of the situation are usually all that occur.

Passion and romance is nice. I hope that my experiences involve a great deal of sexual tension and attraction, but it’s extremely silly to expect it every time. My only goal is to give my partner as much pleasure as possible and hopefully allow them to achieve a satisfying orgasm.

My Views on Sex

Because of our placement on the human timeline (new millennium), sex has become more of an adult act of enjoyment/pleasure rather than a need to procreate the species. That rush of intimacy drives us to make rash and stupid decisions with people that we don’t really know that well.

Most of the time when individuals want to have sex, the pursuit of pleasure drives them. That isn’t a bad thing, but most aren’t constantly trying to create a kid.

I’m a hopeless romantic. Personally, sex is slightly more meaningful to me. Relationships are often a complex balance that relies on compromise and communication.

Both partners should have their opinions and thoughts heard in a meaningful way. Sex is an integral part of most relationships. Both need to agree to want to initiate sex. No one is having fun if one isn’t enjoying themselves.


Final Views on Sex (so far)

Comfort and pleasure go hand in hand. Sex is supposed to be the best possible feeling in existence. It should make you laugh. The hilarity of the entire situation leading to two individuals acting in such an absurd way sounds fantastic. I’m excited to see how my life plays out, both in a sexual and non-sexual form.