Thought and Feeling Emotion

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Emotion is an expansive mental library. Feelings are learned from experiences, but these experiences differ between most humans. Exposure to rage or sadness may be similar to some, but they rarely have the same rational outcome. These emotions impact our mental image and how we display ourselves. Society is believed to be rational, yet the diversity in thought is wild and difficult to grasp.

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The mind is a complex pool table. Shots are often taken in the dark, only illuminating the table briefly upon contact. Most are impressed by a singular sunk ball, but the game only ends once. The final tally is varied and subjective. Ironically, the actions derived from successful ideas are more beneficial to society than the thoughts themselves.

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Moderating the mind is a challenge in this digital age. So much information is consumed in faster intervals with each passing day. Meditative thought is the only way to categorize fluid emotions efficiently. Taking a brief moment to breathe every few hours is a helpful way to keep emotions, thoughts, and overall priorities in check. Distraction is easily found with an infinitely expanding source of information, so one must strive to avoid the evaporating mind.

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Anxiety and stress tend to lead towards long-term trauma. An alternative is calming and relaxed meditation. Meditation is equal parts patience and moderated thinking. Patience requires dedication, even when most difficult. Due to the issues that stem from an impatient mind, there isn’t much hope if the subject isn’t willing to relax.

Juggling intense thoughts

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One must acknowledge others of reasonable thought, often more frequently than one is comfortable with. People from all walks of life hold unique concepts regarding life. These thoughts are how one derives purpose and meaning.

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Granted, some hold abnormal thoughts when aiming to grasp the nature of their universe. There is no shame in being “abnormal”, mainly because the entire world is insane. The logic that society operates on is flimsy at best. All that separates humans from their animalistic nature is an educated mind. While humans have become collectively more intelligent, our bodies still require animalistic impulses.

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These impulses can be controlled, but there is a fine line between needs and wants. Everyone needs to breathe, consume resources, and eventually urinate/defecate. Many also desire comfort, security, and sexual pleasure.

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Training the mind to differentiate between needs and wants requires patience and dedication. Failure is common in a world where morals are often grey. Moving forward from failure allows one to determine meaning, as growth tends to point towards the right direction. Life is never black and white. Failure to judge situations shouldn’t be scrutinized.

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