Twelve Forever Review

Twelve, Forever, Title, Netflix

Twelve Forever (2019)

Twelve Forever is an animated series created by Julia Vickerman. She previously worked on Yo Gabba Gabba!, Clarence, and The Powerpuff Girls (2016). Her series premiered on Netflix on July 29, 2019.

Twelve, Forever, Title, Netflix. Twelve Forever, 12 Forever

What’s the Story?

Twelve Forever centers on Reggie Abbott, a 12-year old middle-schooler with Peter Pan syndrome. Reggie is imaginative, immature, and illogical. She is also disgusting, possessive, and problematic.

Her desire to remain a kid make her a complicated character. Reggie requires growth while wanting everything to stay the same. She doesn’t care for the pressures of growing older, so she escapes to a magical realm.

After creating a magical totem in art class, Reggie gains the ability to travel to Endless Island. Endless, as it’s referred to, is a magical land that thrives on randomness. Very little of it makes sense and the charm comes from most of the inhabitants living there.

Endless Island, Netflix. Twelve Forever, 12 Forever

Reggie is joined by her friends Todd and Esther, who visit Endless Island as a break from reality. Even after 25 episodes, Todd and Esther haven’t been given last names.

Todd Esther, Netflix. Twelve Forever, 12 Forever

The best episodes tend to deal with the primary antagonists.

Butt Witch, Big Deal, Netflix. Twelve Forever, 12 Forever
The Butt Witch and her henchman, Big Deal, are fun characters. They are not the focus of every episode, which makes them exciting to see when they show up. Both of them have a fun back and forth and actually develop a relationship.

The Butt Witch, also called “ma’am”, is a humanoid monster that resembles a woman. She came to life when Reggie dumped her puberty books into a volcano with green lava on Endless.

Butt Witch, Big Deal, Netflix. Twelve Forever, 12 Forever

Upon her creation, she reveals that she used to exist before Reggie gained access to Endless. The Butt Witch holds a deep grudge towards Reggie for altering her “grown up wonderland” and claiming the island. Her motivation is usually corruptive, destructive, and murderous.

Big Deal is the clumsy assistant of The Butt Witch. He’s goofy, nervous, and the exact opposite of her charisma. He’s attracted to her, so he goes along with her schemes.


The series is based on her animated pilot produced by Cartoon Network Studios in 2015.

Twelve Forever Review

Twelve Forever is a series of loosely progressing plot-lines. There is a surprisingly small amount of filler in the first season, which contains twenty-five episodes.

Over fifteen episodes expand on the overarching story. Episodes six through fifteen only serve as character/world building, but they are still entertaining.

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