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Day 8016

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Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Life, the waking dream, does not core for the dreamers.

  • Those that take and do not earn live in a nightmare.
    • Some decisions can remedy choices, but not all.
      • You become what you do. Be diverse with your actions.

What you do with your time is your choice, but take lightly.

  • Taking too much or too long never helps future outcomes.
    • You only get so much time each day anyway.
      • Be efficient and choose wisely. It helps.

One bad day never ruins a string of good days. It simply interrupts.

When one does not waste their resources fortune tends to favor them.

  • The most precious resource is time. Always.

Moderate forms of relaxation seem needed, but are not.

  • As one becomes used to a feeling, the absence feels worse.

There will never be enough time to feel everything.

  • What you experience is how you choose to live.

You cannot control each moment, but what you place effort into can help you steer difficult situations.


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