Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Today has been an interesting test to see how much daily work I do on my online business.

I tend to use the internet to help pay off bills/rent.

It’s much more convenient to have a digital business pay your bills.

The time to get paid can be a problem for some.

It takes roughly a month to be paid for Amazon/Ebay/Youtube

But it only takes every few days to be payed by Etsy/Patreon/Website Ads.


I front the cost of this website with my sticker business.

Multiple sales keep the store and website linking to it up and functioning.

I’m glad that I’m able to run my digital archive.

I can edit and shape the website to any design and shape that I want.

Personally, I like this archaic design from the 90’s.

It makes my website seem like a time capsule. 


I’m sorry that the post is short today, but I no longer have Internet in my apartment.

I’m switching to gigabit speeds.

That should prove to be an interesting transition.

Because of this reason, my next post won’t be until the 14th of August.

I will be on a much more consistent schedule by then.

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