Monday, February 13th, 2017

Today I began working on learning how to code properly with some standard books, YouTube videos, and choosing a beginning online curriculum. I’ve coded as a self-taught individual for a while now (started with basic JavaScript in high school, which led to a few months of CS training) and while there are many websites that offer help learning how to code, I weighed my options and decided to try FreeCodeCamp (FCC).

Like Odin or CodeAcademy, these websites offer support in learning the basics of coding languages. After looking into multiple other websites, I decided mainly on this one because it really focuses on proper syntax structure. I’m not new to coding, but I did need a refresher on HTML, which this website provided. I spent roughly four hours completing 100 challenges that re-introduced me to HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. I plan on tackling JQuery tomorrow (if my work schedule allows), along with a few projects that I’ll be happy to provide my progress on.

Here is a link to my profile so that you can see some well-documented proof showing what I did today.

I started with Code Academy back in 2013 (This is my profile if you want to take a look), and while I only completed roughly fifty exercises, I can safely say that I enjoy using FCC more. Maybe the push for Code Academy blocking certain classes behind a pro account pay-wall struck a nerve. If I’m going to take the time to learn standard coding languages like HTML5, JavaScript, and C++, I think I can find all the proper resources online for free. No need to pay money just so I can learn Ruby.

Now that I’ve finished working on my exercises for the day, I’m going to focus on finishing my writing for the next few days. I’m starting to fall behind since I started this push for learning new skills, so I’m working overtime to get enough content scheduled so there isn’t a break in my posting plan.

Hope this little update let you know where I’m trying to get up to in the next few months.

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