Anomalisa (2015) Film Review


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I tried a different approach to my editing style for this video.

Here is a list of differences from the last review:

  • I completely removed the time-lapse. It took far too much time to render and storage space to continue using it.
    • I’m not completely opposed to it, but I do need to stop eating when I record. It doesn’t promote a good experience to the viewer if I’m constantly shoveling food into my face and not paying attention to the film.
      • I also think that I shouldn’t eat in my bedroom. Bedrooms are for sleeping and relaxation. A dining room entails what it’s purpose is, so I think I should use it.
        • If I do continue the time-lapse, the duration needs to be shortened down to an appropriate length. 30 seconds seems to be perfectly fine. The music of the time-lapse should also correspond to the film I’m watching.


  • I like the idea of recording eye-tracking, as it would show what segments of the film I enjoy the most and my reaction to the actual film.


  • Shorter duration.
    • My last review constantly had breaks in speech where I would think about the film (which is great), but I need to convey my thoughts in a more viewer-friendly way.
      • Less pauses. More discussion.


  • I need to work on improving the audio quality. The background noise of my computer seems to be the culprit. Perhaps recording on my laptop could have a benefit.


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