Racism has been an unfortunate segment of my life since I was born.

I was born in Mississippi, which doesn’t have the best history with this specific topic. I consider myself a fairly tolerant person who seemingly can’t escape tribal and animalistic prejudice. I’m not “equal” with others who were born in other states/countries/etc. I’m judged by providing information and pieces of my identity that will never change. I never chose Mississippi as my birthplace, but I wouldn’t aim to choose another starting position.

While I’m extremely fortunate to have been born in the United States of America, there are still forty-nine other states that could have easily served as my birthplace. Other skin tones easily could’ve been mine as well. So could other parents in other countries. Neither I, nor anyone else, has control over where we come from. We only choose where we go, but our options are limited because of serious issues like racial tension.

Why is the skin tone (& gender/religious views/sexual identity/etc.) of a human still treated with such high regard? Why not promote a society based on that of moral character, skill, and creativity? A society tolerant of most factors (like race, gender, & nationality) instead of ridiculous biases? A truly equal society, in every way, shape, and form.

Racism is learned tribalism. Humans are not born with it. To claim that we are is debatable at best. Racism instilled by the personal views of earlier generations is the root of the problem. Whether we choose to accept it or not, too much death, despair, and pain has resulted from this horrible habit. We mostly ignore it and keep it contained. We pretend that it isn’t an issue because it’s taboo or too touchy of a subject to bring up publicly.


We need to discuss this. This topic impacts everyone on this planet. Our race defines us and determines the personality that we instill in ourselves. Racial pride in the history of our race adjusts the path moving forward. If we choose to accept or deny details that are too risqué to mention our efforts remain pointless. We must realize that we are selfish creatures. Humans dominated this planet so we must accept the responsibility for our own existence.

We must accept every living inhabitant contained on this spiraling rock. We are the dominant species. There are far more ferocious beasts that could have extinguished us, yet we endured by uniting. We came together as a species and told the universe that we will endure because we are a strong race. A human race.

Life is not black and white. Life isn’t controlled by countries and locales built over time. It is full of color, wonder, and beauty far greater than my ability to describe it. While we humans look strange, we are an extremely adaptable species. One that can overcome this trial of humanity. A trial that we face is that of looking at every human on this planet and accepting them for what they truly are:


Ones with lives that are intricate, delicate, and of equal worth. You don’t have to like every person on this planet, but they exist alongside you. You may as well try to work peacefully with them. You are one individual in a population that will only increase. One that dwarfs you in size by such a large margin that you are pretty insignificant. Countless generations have come before you and countless more will continue until our extinction.

You do not owe your race anything. Your genealogy is a piece of you. The size of that piece is up to you. How you choose to interact with your race and other races displays far more than you can imagine. Racist individuals will only continue to exist if their views are given validity by passive acceptance. Once that stops, this tradition dies.

Grow up, be nice, and share. 

It is not that difficult. 


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