Typing Practice (August 2018)

This summer, I focused on learning how to type correctly.

I’ve been using a computer for over a decade, but peck typing was my bad habit.

To be honest, I’m surprised I never put in the effort earlier.

The benefits are amazing.

My words can’t do it justice, mainly because I’m still learning.

The Basics

In order to kick the habit, I doubled down and made an effort to improve.

That resulted in learning touch typing.

My first resource was TypingClub.

It is a fantastic introductory website that helps with the basics.

TypingClub offers tons of tutorials, games, and simple exercises to build skill.


Touch typing requires muscle memory and only one rule: Don’t look at the keyboard.

May – July was spent learning placement, accuracy, and the general practice needed.

The speed is a result of words being typed repeatedly.

August Typing Practice

The month of August was all about speed.

My second resource was Keybr.

A free profile tracks progress, gives detailed analysis, and is extremely quick.


With a few “hours” of dedicated practice, I’m now well over 65 WPM.

That makes me extremely happy, as that places me in the top 10% of typists.

My goal is to reach 80-85 WPM, as that puts me in the top 5%.


August 1 – 12

August 12 – 20

August 20 – 26

August 26 – 31

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