Foolish Aspirations

I’m a bit egotistic.

Most of this work is done to simply impress others (mainly women). My desire is to be “important” or “valued”. Being an object of comparison is not the best goal though (in my opinion).

With excess fame and notoriety, perceptions become warped. Value is associated with non-warranted opinions. Everything becomes a stance, and that rarely helps. Most opinions are too fluid to become the basis of one’s personal views.


I’m frustrated by a deep craving for attention. I have a constant need to verify my existence and express myself. With this website as a technological platform, I can organize and share my opinions. As an outlet, it is by far my best option. Boundless opportunities.

Occasional nonsense is bound to occur. Infrequent interesting bits can truly encapsulate my personality. Those gems don’t offer much to myself, but could become valuable for others who crave content for inspiration.



Shared work can occasionally feel vapid and egotistic. Pride is normal upon completion of a project or task. Interest is generated, so the need to weigh commented opinions is useful in some communities. Like-minded individuals aim to help foster growth and creativity.

Some don’t believe in praising the work of others. Critical comments are meant to be constructive toward future growth. Occasionally hatred is shared as a result of fear, jealousy, or spite. Society mostly doesn’t tolerate cynicism or blatant negativity, but it does exist.


My goal is to walk the line between modest documentation and vanity posts. It is hard to not feel narcissistic on this project. Running a website that functions as a portfolio will do that, but there are still many benefits.

Observing the way that I choose to record my time is a great tool. Examples of my personal tone defines how I approach future work. As a result. this chronicle will only become more valuable as I age. Woo.

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