Song of the Day: Cough Syrup

Today’s song is Cough Syrup by Young the Giant. Alternative/Indie Rock. This song was released a few years before their first album, back when the group was known as The Jakes. The first time I heard this was in… Read More

Song of the Day: Orange

Today’s song is Orange by Joni. Alternative/Indie. This is one of those tracks that grows heavily with you as you give it a few repeat listenings. All the little intricacies start to reveal themselves, and the appreciation for… Read More

Song of the Day: Sad Happy

Today’s song is Sad Happy by Circa Waves. Indie Rock. I listened to this track more than anything else during the spring lockdown of the 2020 pandemic. Quite straightforward to say I was jamming. I just love the… Read More

Song of the Day: My Way

Today’s song is My Way by Frank Sinatra. Jazz/Traditional Pop. This song played at my great-grandmother’s funeral. I can’t listen to it without thinking about that. It really hit me pretty hard listening to it. Then some minister… Read More

Song of the Day: Dreams

Today’s song is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Soft Rock. This may be an extremely popular song, but I wanted to focus on it today. It’s sad. There is a soft, melancholy tone to it that really resonates from (multiple… Read More

Song of the Day: End Of The Road

Today’s song is End Of The Road by Infected Mushroom. Psychedelic trance. This is more of an experience than a song. It’s pure, mind-melting ingenuity. Seriously, it just builds so well. It all progresses into a beautiful trip beyond… Read More

Song of the Day: Show Me The Way

Today’s song is Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton. Rock. I love the sound of this song. Yeah, it’s mostly due to the talkbox (that twanging effect). It’s just so memorable. There is also this soothing element to… Read More

Song of the Day: 100 Years

Today’s song is 100 Years by Five for Fighting. Soft Rock. Couldn’t highlight Five for Fighting without mentioning this track. It’s my favorite from him. Also, wanted to end the year on a pretty reflective song. This works. I’m… Read More

Song of the Day: The Riddle

Today’s song is The Riddle by Five for Fighting. Alt/Soft Rock. This is an extremely sweet song that I’ve loved (and had on my playlists) for over a decade. Five for Fighting is cool because it’s literally just one… Read More

Song of the Day: Jessie’s Girl

Today’s song is Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield. Pop Rock. Extremely well-known. The composition/sound of it is a bit timeless, really. You’ll notice how straightforward it is. Also, it’s likely that this will remind you of Hot Tub Time… Read More