Song of the Day: Home By Now

Today’s song is Home By Now by Muna. Alt/Indie Pop. I’ve come around on this track after paying more attention to this (excellent) album. The drum pacing is great, you really feel for the vocals, and the synth… Read More

Song of the Day: I Do You

Today’s song is I Do You by Anna of the North. Alt / Indie. Vibrant, catchy and one hell of a harmonic backing tone. The vocals are the main focus, and they are highlighted with some great synth…. Read More

Song of the Day: Top

Today’s song is Top by Hoonch. Pop. At first I wasn’t feeling this song, but once the drums hit harder it all came together into something interesting. Then chorus jumped in and I found out how much I… Read More

Song of the Day: Morning

Today’s song is Morning by Charlotte Lawrence. Alt Pop. This one is a bit brutal. Raw and strong vocals that grow more heartbreaking as you listen. The play-on-words in the chorus as Lawrence reflects on her old relationship… Read More

Song of the Day: Propane Nightmares

Today’s song is Propane Nightmares by Pendulum. Electronic Rock / Electronic I’m surprised how I missed this one growing up. It has a wonderfully-distinct late-aughts sound that leaves it fairly distinct. The drums on this track are a… Read More

Song of the Day: Meteorite

Today’s song is Meteorite by Anna of the North & Gus Dapperton. Indie Pop. This is what you get when a Norwegian singer releases an excellent ballad that grows catchier with each listen. All of the little touches… Read More

Song of the Day: Sunset

Today’s song is Sunset by Caroline Polachek. Alt Pop. The Flamenco Pop sound is gorgeous. Pairs exceptionally well with Polachek’s vocals. An equally soothing-yet-energetic tone that draws you in. But boy, your patience is a magic kind of… Read More

Song of the Day: Once More For The Ocean

Today’s song is Once More For The Ocean by Slothrust. Indie Rock. Such a cool track. When the drums and guitar sync in time with the lyrics it becomes phenomenal. As it continues the song becomes more confident… Read More

Song of the Day: Tusk

Today’s song is Tusk by Fleetwood Mac. Pop Rock. An oldie, but we all know that Fleetwood Mac’s sound still works 50+ years later. This track in particular wasn’t on my radar, but I fell in love with… Read More

Song of the Day: Keep Away

Today’s song is Keep Away by Carly Rae Jepsen. Synth-pop. Such a groove. The baseline alone makes this an absolute blast to listen to. I’ve listened to this song dozens of times now and I still light up… Read More