Song of the Day: Down Side of Me

Today’s song is Down Side of Me by CHVRCHES. Oh, here we go. This was my most-played song last year (2020). Every Open Eye was an excellent album (and my favorite from their discography). I really enjoy this… Read More

Song of the Day: (It’s Not Living) If It’s Not With You

Today’s song is (It’s Not Living) If It’s Not With You by State & Capitals. Most probably think that I meant the original by the 1975. Nope. Wanted to feature a cover. I love the 1975. They’re a… Read More

Song of the Day: Look What You’ve Done

Today’s song is Look What You’ve Done by Jet. Yeah, it’s a bit melancholy, but fairly soothing. It also serves as a solid dose of early 2000’s nostalgia. That backing piano / steady drumming really gives some weight… Read More

Song of the Day: Heaven

Today’s song is Heaven by DJ Sammy. Most old-folks remember the Bryan Adam’s original. Sorry, but for everyone from my generation, this was the real version. Why is that? Simple. This song was featured in DDRMAX2 –DanceDanceRevolution– An… Read More

Song of the Day: Better Off Alone

Today’s song is Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay. This screams late 90’s (and I love it). I’ve been a sucker for Techno/Trance music since I was little. Whereas Daft Punk hit electronic highs, this (occasionally goofy) dance… Read More

Song of the Day: Project 100

Today’s song is Project 100 by Infected Mushroom. This is an instrumental. Headphones are strongly recommended. You’ll loose out on all of the subtle nuances without a decent pair of cans. Playing this through a crappy phone/laptop speaker… Read More

Song of the Day: Saeed

Today’s song is Saeed by Infected Mushroom. Welcome to the wonderful world of psychedelic trance. Trust me, give it a chance and this genre will really hook you. I’ve been jamming to it since 2018, and it’s grown… Read More

Song of the Day: Maniac

Today’s song is Maniac by Carpenter Brut. Couldn’t look back at the 80’s without touching on the recent popularity of Synthwave. Yeah, I know. Another cover? Deal with it. The original by Michael Sembello (from the Flashdance soundtrack)… Read More

Song of the Day: Time After Time

Today’s song is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. A pretty quick song, especially for something with this much sentiment. I really like this one. It leaves me with a melancholy sadness while also being re-assuring. Sometimes you… Read More

Song of the Day: Take on Me

Today’s song is Take on Me by Weezer. No, this is not the original classic by a-ha. Jam out to that if you like. This is the cover by Weezer (the ridiculous popular rock band from the 90’s… Read More