Why Humans Need To Leave Earth

The title for this post may be a bit egregious, but I feel this topic is important.

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Humans are an amazing species. We can grow and adapt to many obstacles yet we haven’t finished our work yet.

Think of the Sun and the Moon as our parents. They will get old and die someday. When this happens we will not be able to exist on this planet anymore. As a species, we need to explore space.


We all face a danger if we stay on this planet. It would only take one large enough solar flare to vaporize the planet instantly. If some force strong enough wanted all of us dead, it would have happened by now but we are still here.

Humans are advancing. We are currently in the process of growing up as a species. We can advance as fast as we want as long as the proper tools are in the right hands.


Enter the Internet

Thankfully our future as a species was cemented the day the Internet was created. This social tool became extremely useful when I was a child. I grew up with the rise of the Internet. I saw what started happening as we began to use it. It wasn’t used by the majority of society to spread corruption and hatred.

It was used to organize and automate.

Computer software and phone applications took extremely tedious tasks that we did not want to do and made them easier to do in the future. They were built by everyone on this planet. This connection of users is impossible to contain, control, oppress, or completely eliminate.

Any hyperlinked text can take you to any domain address from any origin on the planet. We can all talk to each other and spread information now.


Once every human on the planet is connected we can have an entire global voice. We can vote among ourselves immediately and we can share our thoughts at such an amazing rate that we become “aware”. Aware of forces that are larger than ourselves. Universal. Cosmic even. That day will be amazing.

Electronics, Internet

Thankfully, the rise of cheap electronics that can connect humans to the internet saved the species from self-elimination. Peace is much easier than the cost of war. That is why world peace is an event that will most likely occur in my lifetime.

Everyone Has An Archive

Every human on the Internet will have a public voice that is tied to them. A voice that can be read by others publicly or anonymously posted. No one can know who you are if you don’t want the credit.

Posting anonymously allows you to also be free of any bias that would stem from a racist, sexist, or prejudiced system. By not having any form tied to you, you become a empty vessel of knowledge.

Having a blank “anonymous” name is extremely useful. You can’t have a biased hatred for information if you don’t know who posted it. The information could come from anyone. A 12 year old girl from Kansas to a lesbian doctor in Madrid.


Keeping an upvote and downvote system though is important. It allows us to keep track of what the entire world deems as “correct”. Using this voting form will allow humans to become a peaceful species.

We are now able to share information with each other across the planet instantly. To everyone. Publicly.

Data, Internet

This information will be available to everyone as long as it is running. That is the most insane accomplishment that earlier generations would have never dreamed of. The Internet is free from government control because the effort required to remove a website is far greater if the website is not local.

Public information like text posts on a blog website, like this one, cement my point further. You can now post, share, send, and receive. There is also a way to see the most viewed and shared content.


A website like Reddit allows users share links and text posts to any genre, style, or type of existence. It also gives you the ability to upvote and downvote. With these two simple tools we get instant feedback about what an internet user likes and dislikes.


If you look for the most upvoted content you can see the best of humanity. You can see the good in the world.

That we are improving. That we are becoming a peaceful species. All of these tools are at your disposal now.

Just put in the effort. Start posting. Share everything. Get smarter and spread the advancement of the human race by sharing your voice.


What is next?


Governments are too large and slow. They don’t update quickly. Yet.

We need to cement a plan for the future now. A future world like Mars with no rules, limits, limitations, or governments is the best hope for making the human race a peaceful species. It is a fresh start. One that needs to be done properly or not at all. We can not spread ourselves across the cosmos without understanding why we started in the first place.

I recommend that we stop all of this ridiculous fighting and pool our collective resources to give nutritious food, water, shelter, clothing, electricity, and Internet access to all living humans on this planet. We can explore space together as a peacefully connected species and spread humanity throughout the cosmos in a wonderful achievement of science and skill.

As a united race. One race. The human race.

Earth, Space

Earth will be screwed if we stay on the current path. We need to work together on this problem or we are all going to die. Not trying to sound pessimistic, but I’d like for us to get off this rock.


Earth is a great planet. Really. There is just a large amount of other floating space rocks just like it. All in space that is not damaged by greed.

A ton of fresh starts. Worlds that I would like humans to explore and extend to.


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