I wrote a song.

Never tried songwriting before, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

Feel free to hate it.

Here are the lyrics.



Don’t know where I’m going.

But I know where I’ve been.

My whole life I’ve been learning.

There’s no point fitting in.

For the people who know me

Just know that I won.

Because this template is finished.

My project is done.


I hate that you aren’t me.

You just don’t understand.

My life’s not a schedule.

It will not go as planned.

But I believe in a balance.

More to life than just me.

I can try to get better.

To grow and succeed.


My history’s important.

I forget what I’ve done.

The battles that I’ve fought,

And the fights that I won.

But I’ve lost here before.

So I can never forget.

These feelings I’m having.

All this pain and regret.


This journey is over.

It’s time to move on.

I think I’ll get better.

My template is strong.


I think it came out okay for my first foray into songwriting.

Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually write some music to go along with this song.


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