Much Needed Update

It is amazing how quickly time can get ahead of you.

Being busier than usual tends to provide that irritation.

Regardless, I still need to apologize for nothing new in 5 weeks.


After working at a frantic pace on my film reviews in June, I got slightly burned out.

Creating new content for every other day (over 15 posts) is difficult.

The time-sink of my job and my preparation to return to college require commitment.

Those two hassles have taken up the recent majority of my time, thus the lack of posts in July.


I do plan to start creating more consistent content, just at a reduced pace.

For my posts, it seems that a minimum of two per week will be reasonable to maintain.

My aim will be to hit roughly 10 posts per month, so expect a surprise update every week or so.


As for my website, I will be editing/creating additional pages to deepen my personal Internet rabbit hole.

Those pages/updates aren’t advertised, so poke around a bit and you may discover new stuff.

That is the end of this short update, so expect new typical content starting next week!


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