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Day 7998

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Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Discerning reality is difficult with a cloudy mind.

  • How one spends their day impacts results.

Attractive people will always exist. View them as people, not “higher value”.

  • Avoiding jealous/lustful gazes helps keep the mind clear.

Vulgarity is how some react to moments in their lives.

  • Using the proper synonym is a smarter choice.

A solid vocabulary is the first step towards verbal wizardry.

Creativity can be frequent if you devote daily time to it.

  • Short bursts over time fill pages quickly.

When holding a conversation, maintaining interest is of main importance.

  • Express emotion, ask for more detail, and show human decency.

Time is the bedrock of all human action and personality.

  • How one spends it shapes and dictates decisions.
    • Some follow “the crowd”, basing action as example.
      • Others go their own pace, following intuition.

Most live their lives by mixing both. As long as one avoids dopamine dependence, they turn out fine.


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