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Day 7999

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Monday, January 14th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Responsibility grows with age but it always relies off choices.

  • One chooses to accept responsibility, even if unintended.

Physical strength is mostly a choice after stronger machines showed up.

  • The weights never leave the gym. You like the “fit” aesthetic.
    • “Strength tests” arrive from time to time in your life.
      • Flexibility is just as important as raw strength but it is usually ignored.

Condensed energy must rest if living, as it is not constant.

  • You’re not a live wire.

It is all in your mind until it isn’t. Try to be less uptight.

Where many fear the unknown, the curious aim to understand.

These notes will eventually be full of reflective thoughts.

  • I try to avoid “mental masturbation”, as it serves no benefit to readers.
    • This is how I spend the time that I have.
      • It won’t all be coherent or pleasant.

I wonder how our planet is reacting to our strange advancements.

  • Our domination of this world has consequences.

Privacy is a ridiculous notion, as you are an animal will a known environment/ friends/ habits.


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