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Day 8001

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

We specialize, so we quickly form opinions. This isn’t perfection.

  • Every day, choice by choice, moment by moment, you become wiser.
    • Enlightenment is just a ton of practice.
  • How quickly you avoid or correct mistakes can change, for the better or the worse.

If you look too hard you’ll find meaning where it isn’t meant. Not everything is an indication.

Everyone had a different date and time where they are at peak creativity.

If time is a human concept, try to imagine a time before “God” or “Gods”.

Have fun staring at your tiny lights. Hopefully it looks and sounds nice.

Don’t allow life to be a distraction. Invest your attention to learn more.

Trying to avoid a blank space inside the mind is difficult.

Love takes work. With heartache, one grows stronger and wiser.

It is hard to be direct but also also take the time needed to explain things properly.

As I get older I will be able to read between the lines, both with my notes and the work of others.


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