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Day 8002

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Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Few accept life as it is. Most crave fantasy, as there is “purpose”.

Emotion is a mask that we wear, exposing our thoughts to others.

  • How genuine that mask is depends on if you are acting.

A half-crazed notion is the closest an adult can get to childhood.

In order to be social, one must give time. Best to just make appearances.

An electric drip, sizzling heat and a hiss of steam. Tea time.

Your expectations have failed to consider how the world might grow.

The world does not care about you. Fame isn’t what you want.

  • You desire wealth and comfort. Fame isn’t comfortable.
    • Minimal fame is nice if you are popular in calm, niche group.
  • Most know that fans are rarely calm.

Canceled plans are either the best or the worst. Rarely in-between.

You are always just a few great or terrible moments away from what you would consider to be a powerful memory.

  • Aim to have a great day.


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