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Day 8003

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Friday, January 18th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

A life well-lived is nice but a life lived for others is amazing.

  • There is a way to achieve both with a bit of effort.
    • That effort may be painful or sad yet it is always worth it.

Education is the best use of your time before specializing.

  • By a certain point, bothersome speculation begins.

Adults barely hold a grasp on “adulthood”. Jobs structure their lives.

  • Work is not the “end all” to the purpose of life.

Monetary payment is rarely worth your energy. It helps, but don’t allow it to become your only primary focus.

  • You can get paid for doing passionate work too.

I’m aware that I don’t have most things figured out. Who does?

  • My perspective will change. These are simply my current thoughts.

I’m trying to remain open. Closing myself off doesn’t help.

Body language speaks volumes. Extrapolate all possible details.

Jobs used to break your back. Now they aim to break your mind.

  • There is only one chance for me to enjoy my 20’s.
    • I need to make the most of my youthful energy.


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