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Day 8009

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Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

“Loose an hour in the morning and you will spend all day looking for it.” – Richard Whately

  • Try to wake up at 5 every day.

When you seek growth, you invite pain and complexity.

Traditional values played a substantial part in the building of society.

  • Use of the Internet has distracted us from current values.
    • It reduces the social impact of modern society.

I have barely made a dent in this small philosophical journal.

  • Each day poses new ideas and offers a new stepping stone.
    • My grasp on reality and my personal views grow.
      • The goal is to become a genuine person.

Shallow mindsets plague my era, as technology dictates this time.

  • There is little that I can do to avoid the utility of it.
    • My productivity reaches maximum potential using technology.
      • It must remain a tool and an accessory for productivity.

I will avoid simple dopamine fixes like media.

Music is the one allowance I need though.

  • As a background sound, I can detach from my mental state and focus on my tasks.


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