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Day 8008

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Brandon Andrew Grisham

Pardon my odd notes. I’m not preaching or trying to act smart.

  • I’m finding my own answers. This is my method.
    • As I keep writing, I etch my soul into clarification.
      • Seeing my mind on the page helps me think and grow.

America’s food and drink market is a race to the bottom.

  • Easily produced cheap substitutes at a better bottom line.

Finding quality takes time and is not always constant.

The level that you pace emphasis each day alters the next.

  • You either improve or you stumble. Balance takes time.

I’m focusing my attention on time consistently. It is all I have.

  • Everything that I do requires properly utilizing it.
    • I’m not great at it, but I feel good about how I spend days.

It all boils down to working, even when exhausted.

  • Time rewards you when you complete tasks early.

Most of the Internet is composed of banal vanity posts.

  • Everyone does it, as content is shared for attention.
    • The levels of vanity are easy to determine (like the number of selfies).

When sharing, go for originality compared to simply liking or spreading the work of others.

  • You feel far better and tend to have consistently popular or unique content.


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